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Obtaining a Green Card Through a Family Member

Having a green card means that you will be legally permitted to live in the United States permanently. Individuals 18 years or older and with the desire to become a U.S. citizen should review the U.S.Citizen and Immigration Service’s guide to naturalization. This form contains important information about getting a green card. Applying for a Read More

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President Trump’s Executive Orders

Lately there has been a large amount of discussion and speculation about what President Trump will or won’t do with regards to immigration in the United States. On January 25, 2017 Trump signed two executive orders specifically targeted at immigration. The first focusing on “Public Safety in the United States” and the second focused on Read More

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Possible Immigration Reform (BRIDGE Act)?

In a refreshing turn of events this week, both Democrats and Republicans came together to reintroduce a bill that would help protect DACA recipients. This initiative is encouraging since the President Elect, Donald Trump, has indicated a desire to repeal the executive actions put into place by Obama, possibly including DACA. The Bar Removal of Read More

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Family Detention Centers

Last week nearly 500 women and children were released from “Family” detention centers in Dilly and Karnes Texas. Those released represent about one quarter of all people detained at these “family” detention centers. Many of those released have only been in the United States for a short time and haven’t yet had initial interviews regarding Read More

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